The development that society has achieved is due to the fact that transactions, business and companies are the great engine of our planet and our economy. A growing economy brings added value to everyone, makes the world go round and makes citizens believe that the effort has a return.

For us business and business are the recipe for the world to continue to develop and create wealth. Portugal is no exception. The future of our country will only be promising if we have strong entrepreneurs and companies with vision
and capable of responding to challenges and adversities.

For this our companies and our businessmen need permanent and specialized support. They need innovative and integrated concepts that respond immediately to all business needs.

And it’s services like the ones we provide that give this essential support to our companies and our entrepreneurs, because if our vision is based on the value and importance of your business, our mission is to have EVERYTHING FOR YOUR COMPANY!


We are an innovative, multidisciplinary, integrated, growing and exclusively designed project for you and your company!

Our mission is to help our customers care about their business, valuing it, making it profitable and growing it. For this we want our clients to count on us to support them in the tasks associated with any of their business projects and business: administrative support, accounting, tax and financial advice, application for financial support, in the recovery of the company, in short, in solving all problems!

Our mission is to solve your problems and those of your company. We are no longer a burden, we are an added value, we add value!

Our mission is to free you from bureaucracy by giving you time and tools to devote to what really matters, the investment and growth of your business.

Our mission is to have EVERYTHING FOR YOUR COMPANY!

Social Responsability

Today’s trading companies must have other concerns than those arising from their corporate purpose, they must be agents of development of society.

Therefore, we strive to have a continuous and transversal social responsibility. We want to be an example of the working conditions of our employees, we want to support the social causes and social institutions of our community and we want to protect our environment.

Because only then we believe that it makes sense to develop the concept of our project and to provide services that guarantee EVERYTHING FOR YOUR COMPANY!




Rua António Varela Pinto, nº 33
3100-491 POMBAL


Tel: (+351) 236 032 450


Monday to Friday: 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.